Perfect React Native application setup and Metro, Bundle issues resolved— Industry standard

Saurabh Shah
10 min readAug 2, 2020

Updated on: Aug 03, 2021

What is the difference between a react-native’s boilerplate “Welcome” app and this “Industry standard” app?

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I am sure, here you’ll find answer to this question. Then I’ll take you along the journey how to create that industry standard app which will be customer acceptable and ready for deployment.


Infrastructure & environment setup (React native setup)
setup issues like unable to load script, metro server running, etc.
App name (display name) with space,
Bundle identifier update,
App/Launcher icon,
Splash screen


The main reason is, the getting started app you get after following the steps on “” will not be the one you want to publish on production for yourself or your corporate clients. You will require a name for your application that may contain space “My App” or a corporate bundle identifier “” and many other things that you may search for scattered resources over the internet when the time comes.
Also, you don’t want android robo for your production app. You want your app to show a beautiful splash screen when started.



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