Updated on: Aug 03, 2021

What is the difference between a react-native’s boilerplate “Welcome” app and this “Industry standard” app?

I am sure, here you’ll find answer to this question. …

Complete corporate standard React JS boilerplate

Last updated on Oct 02, 2021.
Trying my best to keep the story up-to-date. (react v17.0.1)
Git repo: SAURABH SHAH / ReactJS myapp · GitLab (wip)
Code-sandbox live (playgroud embeded at bottom)
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fig-1. ReactJS app architecture modules

This story will…

This story will cover all the aspects of a cross-platform react-native framework based app’s architecture. This can be used for creating a boilerplate for creating your next awesome cross-platform mobile app.

I’ve also written a story for Industry standard React-Native App setup.

NOTE: For versions of react and other…

Last updated: Oct 02, 2021.

Redux ToolKit (RTK)
(RTK implementation and async thunk with RTK)
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Why RTK (Redux Toolkit)?

  • Simplifies the redux implementation.
  • All feature related reducers, actions, state at one place in one file making it easy to understand and…

(redux-persist with redux-toolkit in react)
updated: Oct 02, 2021

SUMMARY of this Story

  1. React native counter application. (Steps will be exactly the same for a react JS web app.)
  2. Redux implementation using redux-toolkit.
  3. Redux-persist implementation over redux-toolkit (blacklist store attributes)
  4. Bonus (React Native Paper — Component Library for Material design in React Native)

Why redux-persist?

Easier than you think. Believe me!

live code for nesting routing example

Sole intention of this story is to learn nested routing.

SUMMARY of Story:

  1. What is nested routing?
  2. URL naming conventions
  3. Why nested routing?
  4. Advantages of nested routing
  5. Code example and implementation
  6. Guidelines

For React Js app architecture in detail refer:

What is nested routing?

Nested routing in react can be…

Material-UI: A popular React UI framework (material-ui.com)
version 4.11.1
Updated as on: Dec 25, 2020

Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash

Primary agenda of this story is to cover Theming with Material UI.

At the end of this story, you should have a React JS application with all the colors, typography (fonts), spacing, breakpoints, and other styling options set as default through out the website/application.

Photo by George Bakos on Unsplash

I desperately wanted to get rid of relative paths like “../../../components/Blah” from most of my react application files.
It makes me uncomfortable to see that in the list of imports.
Make react app code more readable with absolute paths. Get rid of relative paths.

Absolute paths for adding components from…

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z series

Hello folks! Today I am going to review OnePlus Bluetooth earphones. I actually don’t like calling it truly wireless as it bears wires. Although, let me share my review/feedback for OnePlus Bullets is positive. I love it! 😍

✓ Two variants in Bullets Z series
✓ Switch control
✓ Features of OnePlus…

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